Liberating Structures

Davi Kallman of the Washington State University Murrow College of Communication and Laura Griner Hill of the Human Development Department discuss Liberating Structures theory, which holds that classrooms and office meetings are often either too formal—sage on stage—or too loose, such as open discussions that can devolve into irrelevancies. Liberating Structures offers a new approach—actually 33 new approaches—called microstructures. These lively techniques range from User Experience Fishbowl to 9-whys, from Wicked Questions to Celebrity Interview. This Nov. 18, 2014, workshop at WSU Pullman was part of a series on increasing student success co-sponsored by the WSU Provost’s Office, WSU Teaching Academy and the Global Campus.

Liberating Structures WSU Presentation for Global Campus

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Disability Research and Inclusion Training 

As scholars we constantly strive to answer questions that drive our research and as a result, these questions guide us to look at complex problems in our communities. But what happens when certain scholars and groups are underrepresented in the research community?

Diversity of scholarship and faculty are crucial to showcase the complex issues associated with the intersectionality of minority group members.  There is a need for more scholars with disabilities to research issues impacting individuals with disabilities. As members of this group, they have a unique opportunity to draw on their own experiences.

This keynote discussed the importance of including scholars with disabilities in the creation and dissemination of disability research. Additionally, this talk provides an overview of current disability scholarship at WSU and how those of us in higher education can enact and support disability inclusivity in academic contexts.

Disability Awareness Symposium Keynote Presentation

My expertise is on the intersection of disability and other underrepresented groups. I have also presented on different topics related to media portrayals of disability and disability authenticity and most recently presented on the intersection of disability and refugee policy. All of these topics can be altered and adapted to fit the need of your organization or group. Below is a link to a presentation I did for WSU’s Common Reading Program. This presentation looks at the Intersection of Disability, Immigration, and Refugee Policy.

In addition to structured presentations, I also have been asked to interview people with disabilities on multiple occasions. Most recently, I interviewed Jose Riera as part of the region’s Story Corps interviews.


A recording of the interview can be found on the Story Corps website

It also aired on the NWPB website on Wednesday, September 23 during Morning Edition at 6:45 and 8:45 AM.