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What I Offer

Individualized diversity, equity, and inclusion training and consulting that goes beyond “DEIJ” company or university requirements. I work with my clients to explain how institutions historically oppress underrepresented populations and how my clients can work together to provide a safe space for these marginalized groups. By providing support and individualized consulting, clients leave my workshops, presentations, and trainings with a heightened sense of self and purpose. The ultimate goal is that my clients feel empowered to enact change, starting from within.


I am a Mexican, Jewish, disabled woman with over 15 years of experience working with and for the disabled community. I have spent the past 9 years exploring how intersectionality impacts the disabled community and have worked with other underrepresented groups to explore how disability intersects with race, religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, etc.

As a woman with intersectional identities, I know just how difficult it can be to navigate in society without additional resources and support systems. My goal is to use my years of experience to help you and your organization use a social justice lens to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. If you do not see a topic that resonates with you or your organization, please make sure to send me a message and I can develop a presentation based on your needs.


The following topics are current presentations that I offer. Each topic can be customized for the client.

Intersectionality: Gender, LGBTQ+, and Race

Negotiating and the Gender Divide: Why Women Do Not Ask and How to Change the Narrative

Organizing for Social Change and the Role of Intersecting Identities

Disability and Intersectionality

Disability and Intersectionality: Disability Disparities in Health Care

Reducing Prejudice in Hiring: Looking at Race and Disability in the Hiring Process

Disability and Education

Disability Accommodations in Secondary Education and Beyond

Disability Terminology and Language

The Role of Media Literacy in Reducing Disability Prejudice in Post-Secondary Education

Disability and Advocacy

Disability Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism 101

Mentorship and Networking within the Disability Community

Disability and Self-Advocacy

Disability Places and Spaces

Access 101: Creating More Accessible Spaces

Identifying and Reducing Disability Implicit and Explicit Bias within your Organization

Leadership and Organization Growth

Letting Go: Using Liberating Structures as an Approach for Institutional and Organizational Change

Swimming Against the Current: Using Positive Deviance to Identify Solutions within Organizations


During COVID-19, I am delivering content via Zoom. If you prefer me to conduct the training or consulting in person, travel expenses will be in addition to package pricing.

Presentation Pricing

Pricing for presentations includes up to an audience size of 200. If it is a larger audience size, please let me know at the time of booking (additional fees may be added)

  • $1,250-$2,000 (1 hour presentation with 30 minute Q&A)
  • $2,000-$3,000 (2-3 hour presentation with 30 minute Q&A)
  • $3,000-$5,000 (all day presentation, this can be one long presentation or multiple presentations within a day)

Keynote Speech Pricing

Keynote speech prices will be determined at the time of booking. Prices for Keynote speeches range from $2,000-$5,000 depending on the size of the audience and the length of the presentation.

Consulting Rates

My consulting rates start at $100 per hour. I do give a discount for individuals looking for advocacy help. Please notify me if you are a person with a disability needing advocacy and support.

  • Disability Advocacy and Advising
  • Disability Consulting for 504 and IEP
  • Disability Accommodation Differences from High School to College
  • Leadership and Development
  • Liberating Structures and Team Building
  • Organizational Advocacy and Support
  • Event Coordination and Planning
  • Grant Writing and Applying for Scholarships
  • Career changes, negotiating, and promotions
  • Graduate program identification and application
  • Identifying and and selecting an advisor within a Masters and doctoral program
  • Project organization and management


Davi was instrumental in launching the Professional Development Initiative at Washington State University, a powerful resource for graduate students for academic, career and personal development. She was visionary in what students needed and how to broaden horizons. Davi is an astute leader who is hard-working, creative, organized, and has exceptional skills in communication and collaboration. Her compassion and dedication to promoting inclusion and diversity is inspiring. any presentation that Davi delivers on communication and leadership skills or intersectionality, particularly on disability advocacy will be valuable and culture-changing for the audience.

Lisa Gloss, PhD, Graduate School Dean, Washington State University

I have worked with Davi on Disability Rights issues for years and impressed with her knowledge, passion, and professionalism. She uses her own experience as a marginalized woman with a disability as the as the foundation to fully examine the systems that inhibit full access and inclusion to services for marginalized people with disabilities. Her lived experience combined with her formal education allow her to provide a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives to improve systems and create spaces that are more accessible and welcoming for all.

Stephanie Woodward, JD Executive Director, Disability EmpowHER Network

Dr. Kallman has a wealth of knowledge but is very good at making topics relatable and approachable for learners at all levels of experience.  She effectively lays out foundational concepts and knowledge while being able to give in depth and detailed responses to questions from more advanced students.

Luis Manriquez, MD Community Health Equity Director, Washington State University

Davi’s heart and passion goes into her work. She does everything 110% with empathy and exemplary leadership skills. I am privileged to see what one woman can accomplish. She removed bias and changed the hearts and attitudes of our campus through her awareness events and training.

Jacqueline Schneider, MS, CRC

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