Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They introduce tiny shifts in the protocols of how we meet, plan, decide, and relate to each other. They put the facilitative power once reserved for experts in the hands of everyone. These microstructures can improve group dynamics for teaching and decision making.

2016 Liberating Structures Workshop

As a Liberating Structures catalyst for WSU, I coordinated several Liberating structures workshops and seminars with the assistance of the WSU LS team members. In April of 2016, WSU PDI and the WSU LS Design Team hosted a three-day immersive Liberating Structures Workshop for graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff. We hosted over 22 Liberating Structures enthusiasts from across the country.

Day 1 Video

Day 3 Video

Day 1 Storyboard

Day 2 Storyboard

Day 3 Storyboard

Workshop Powerpoint

2014 Liberating Structures Workshop

Davi Kallman of the Washington State University Murrow College of Communication and Laura Griner Hill of the Human Development Department discuss Liberating Structures theory, which holds that classrooms and office meetings are often either too formal—sage on stage—or too loose, such as open discussions that can devolve into irrelevancies. Liberating Structures offers a new approach—actually 33 new approaches—called microstructures. These lively techniques range from User Experience Fishbowl to 9-whys, from Wicked Questions to Celebrity Interview. This Nov. 18, 2014, workshop at WSU Pullman was part of a series on increasing student success co-sponsored by the WSU Provost’s Office, WSU Teaching Academy and the Global Campus.

2014 Liberating Structures Powerpoint

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