Advocacy and allyship are very important to my work as a leader, researcher, and teacher. You can keep up with my initiatives and projects by reading some of the articles below. If you are interested in being involved in some of these projects, feel free to reach out to me in the contact page.

WSU Speaker Series Explores Disability and Intersectionality

Access Center and Disabled Student Organization holds Disability Awareness Series

BECU Presents WSU’s 2020 Mom of the Year Awardee

Professor’s Efforts Make UTEP a HUB for Positive Deviance

Davi Kallman, First Keynote for the Disability Awareness Symposium

2018 Woman of the Year and Women of Distinction Award Winners

Disability Awareness Symposium Speaker asks for Access and Awareness

No Dis, Just Abled: PhD Student Tweaks the Message

Association for Faculty Women Honors Four Graduate Students

Breaking Boundaries: UTEP CASS Helps Enhance Students’ Abilities

Better Together: UTEP Scholars Engage with Community

2011 C-SPAN Interview

Photo of Davi Kallman sitting in a chair smiling at a large video recorder. She is in the CSPAN bus and is on air.

Representative Fattah on 2011 Continuing Resolution Representative Chaka Fattah talked about the continuing resolution to fund the federal government through the remainder of fiscal year 2011, and the best way to approach spending cuts. He responded to viewer telephone calls and electronic communications as well as University of Texas at El Paso students participating from the C-SPAN Digital Bus.